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World IoT Day

In celebration of World IoT day, we thought we’d kick the festivities off by taking a little look into IoT; what it is and how more and more things are now being connected.

Let’s take a step back

What is IoT? IoT – the Internet of Things, is everything thing around us, on us, near us, in the shop, at work, down the pub – basically anything and everything. It is the concept that everything that matters to us as a species and other species (we’ll come to that later) will be connected to improve our lives.

GSMA Intelligence describes IoT as a broad vision of a future where everything including; objects, machines and people, is connected and communicating, uniting the physical and digital worlds, involving consumers as well as businesses, organisations and industries, not to mention entire cities. So ultimately, it’s about sensing the world around us, taking measurements, collecting data and using this data to advise, make decisions and control what is going on. A world where information is gathered and used to drive efficiencies.

But what about M2M?

M2M or Machine to Machine is synonymous with the concept that a remote asset is blind to the owner unless it is connected in some way to the person or organisation that has an interest in it.

An example of this is weather monitoring.

Lets take a weather station, it’s made up of a collection of devices, sensors and instruments that measure, rainfall, barometric pressure, temperature and wind speed, all contained in a box out on the playing field.

Multiple times a day someone went to the station and wrote down the readings. In the case of professional weather agencies, staff maybe posted them off, possibly picked up the telephone, maybe faxed or even emailed them. As technology advanced, the stations were automated and the data written to a computer memory of some description.

Now these stations are located all over the world in some rather remote places. What if there is a problem with a part that is not discovered until a visit, which then requires another visit by an engineer?

Data still had to be retrieved physically onto a memory device and taken back to the office to be loaded up onto a database. BUT – what if you didn’t need to actually visit the weather station at all. The station is a machine, the database is contained within a machine. Why not connect the two, Machine to Machine, and there you have it!

Lets get connected

Now that we have the right things in place to collect data from across a number of different verticals to create a bigger picture of what is going on, we just need something that can connect them all…

IoT is the answer, it simply links all these elements together to create a wider understanding of what is going on. So, whether it’s just weather information, making sure enough ice cream or umbrellas are manufactured or a pregnant cow is in distress, IoT is there to ensure the connectivity is there for everything that needs to communicate, can do exactly that.

(Moo)ving IoT in the right direction

As we said before, it’s not just us who can benefit from IoT. There is a very successful business based on a sensor clipped to pregnant cows. This detects whether the expectant mother is in distress, which alerts the farmer over the air (via M2M) of its GPS location. Hence allowing early intervention for the welfare of cow and calf, and of course protecting a valuable investment.

So now that we have everything ready to get connected, isn’t it time we did just that? To find out more about how IoT can enable growth for you in any shape or form, talk to the Bamboo team.

Happy World IoT day!

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