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Protect your Lone Workers

Health & Safety legislation requires UK employers to prove they have done their utmost to protect Lone Workers.

Alertcom leads the way in lone worker protection and is helping a growing number of businesses and organisations to get maximum value from their investment, while providing the best protection for their employees.

Lone Worker: Alertcom features

User Down Alert
With the User Down feature activated on the device, an automatic alert is sent to our Incident Management Centre if the lone worker suffers a fall or becomes incapacitated.

Safecheck Timer
Safecheck allows a countdown timer to be set at the beginning of appointments or tasks. The timer function is held at our Incident Management Centre, so if a lone worker does not confirm their safety by the expiry time, escalation procedures are initiated.

Pre-activation message
In areas of no GPS or when visiting a building with many floors, lone workers can record the address details at our Incident Management Centre enabling them to be located if an alarm is raised.

Multi-network SIM
To guard against network outages and poor signal areas, all Alertcom devices include a multi-network SIM that automatically connects to the network with the strongest signal.

Alertcom Features

Lone Worker: Putting you in control

Management portal

Device Ordering
Orders are completed through a simple interface by the lone worker, with devices delivered directly to them. The system can be configured to require Line Manager authorisation.

Alertcom Device

User Training
Interactive device training in the form of a series of short video clips with questions and multiple choice answers ensures users fully understand the functions and features of their device.

Management Information
For managers and administrators a comprehensive reporting suite provides access to a range of reports, including real-time usage and activity.

Audit History
A full audit log of actions taken is available instantly to line managers and authorised users.

Device Sharing Module
Users can assign pooled or shared devices instantly to themselves directly through the online portal.

24/7 Support
Online support is provided for users backed up by a 24/7 dedicated lone worker helpdesk, where users can speak to our operators for help and guidance.

Support Team Member

Alertcom Alertcom

Round the clock monitoring, 365 days a year, provides lone workers with the reassurance that wherever they are - day or night, they can summon urgent assistance at the press of a button. Our Incident Managers have direct access to police control rooms and the emergency services.

Alertcom offer a choice of small, discreet and lightweight personal safety devices that can be worn on a lanyard or attached to a belt.