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IoT for Business - the Internet of Things connects machines, sensors, buildings, vehicles, and infrastructure together. Enabling them to communicate with each other and to be remotely controlled making it possible to monitor, locate and track an increasingly wide range of devices in the home, in the field and on your business premises.

IoT solutions improve your businesses productivity, security and profitability.

Remember there are more things to connect than people.

If you looking for an IoT solution, or you’re an innovative business that needs SIM connectivity for your product with a competitive tariff, talk to the team today.

Lone Worker Solution

Bamboo are working collaboratively with Alertcom as their exclusive sales partner.

Protect your Lone Workers

Alertcom leads the way in lone worker protection and is helping a growing number of businesses and organisations to get maximum value from their investment, while providing the best protection for their employees.

Lone Worker Features:

  • User Down Alert
  • Safecheck Timer
  • Pre-activation message
  • Multi-network SIM